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The last grilling kit you will ever own. A complete set of tools that can kickstart all of your grilling adventures. This BBQ Set includes three essential professional grade tools for all grill masters. Includes a large-blade Spatula, long reach Tongs, and a Sauce Mop with replaceable heads The Grill Beast knows grilling, and we have designed these tools to be precise, durable, and good looking.

  • Beast Shovel: Flipping Bad Ass Spatula
    Stainless Steel, 17 3/4 inches in total length
  • Beast Tongs: Flipping Death Grip Precision Pincers
    Stainless Steel, 16 inches long with Precision Grip
  • Beast Mop: Sauce Slinging Swabber
    Detachable Mop Head, 17 inches long

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  • Are you going to offer the components of the Beastly BBQ set individually? I already have a few spatulas and tongs but...that mop looks awesome and being able to switch out the heads as other accessories for it become available is great. PLEASE let us buy not only the set but the individual parts. Thanks!

    Hi Sandy, I wanted to follow up with pats answer to your question.

    We originaly planed to offer these individually. Pricing them seperatlly, you would end up spending about $65.97 for the set and they are worth every penny. They are the most heavey duty bbq tools you would own and they carry a liftime warrantee. 

    So becuase of them being so beefy in construction and to help lower the cost to our customers we decided to only offer them in the set. Will we ever offer them individually, most lily will at some point, but I dont have a date on when that will be.

    When we come out with the accessorie kit, we will offer the mop handle with that. Hope that helps and if you have more questions, let me know.

    David Johnson
    Grill BEAST