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Safely handle hot foods and cookware with ease, protect your hands and arms from painful burns, and enjoy peace of mind when cooking, grilling, or smoking. Simply cover up with a stylishly badass pair of Beast Armor Gloves.

  • Heat-resistant, high-strength Aramid (Kevlar Fabric) material
  • Withstands temperatures up to 662°F
  • Lightweight and flexible for comfort
  • Long cuffs for maximum protection
  • Non-slip silicone strips for improved grip
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • BONUS! Free Beast Armor Gloves ebook

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Questions & Answers

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  • Mine is 8 inch around the knuckles.which size suits me .how many size you have?

    Hi Balaji,

    The gloves come in one size. They are made to stretch to the users hands. 

    Pat Johnson
    Grill Beast Support 

  • I have large hands. What size are these gloves?

    Hi Michael,

    These gloves are made to stretch to the users hands. If you have very large hands let us know when you purchase them and we can find you a larger pair.

  • How do you clean them? They look great and have great reviews but no mention on care and cleaning.

    Hey Kevin, You can wash them in your washing machine and then let them air dry.

    Let me lknow if you have any other questions.

    Dave Johnson
    Grill Beast

  • I normally wear a 2x or 3x glove, do you have something that will work for me?

    That might be pushing it a bit, but I will say... If you do order and they dont fit, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Dave Johnson

  • I just bought a big green egg xl...it hits temps up to 1000f...would these be good for handling grates, etc. at that heat?

    Hi Matt, 

    The Grill Beast gloves work great for moving things around on the BGE, I'm always removing the grate and the plate setter after my cooking temperature has been stabilized so that I can add my wood chips. I've also used them when moving from a direct grill to an indirect grill and getting my pork roasts that have been cooking all night off the grill

    Pat Johnson
    Grill Beast Support 

  • What happens when these get dirty? How do you clean them and how clean can you get them?

    Hi Tom,

    The gloves are machine washable and you should let them air dry. They clean up like your normal laundry.

  • This may not apply to this glove but work in a kitchen that deals with hot items all day muffin trays and boiling pots of potatoes what would be good?

    We have customers that use these in the kitchen all of the time. They say they do not feel the heat and the heat has not affected them. Also you do not need pot holders. anymore!

  • Are these gloves waterproof to stop hot grease from food you are handling on the Pit from coming through them and scalding your hand?

    Hi, No the Beast Armor Gloves are not water proof, however, I use them to pull meat off my smoker all the time even off the grill. When you pull meat off the smoker its not the same as dunking them in a tub of water also the meat coming off the smoker shouldn't have grease or juice gushing out. When you add or remove meat from a smoker or grill it will or should not be wet very and the gloves work fine with that.

  • Can I pick up hot charcoal or wood with these gloves on?

    Yes, I've done it more than once. As with anything that hot, don't dilly-dally, 

  • Are these good for actually working with food? Like, can I pull a pork shoulder off the grill, or racks of ribs, without burning my hands or harming the gloves

    Absolutly, you can take meats and hoy items right off the grill. Just don't get them wet. 

  • Is the price listed for a pair or just one glove.

    Hi Jeff, Yes, Thats for a pair of BEAST Armor BBQ Gloves.

  • Do you make women's gloves? I have a BGE and tiny hands. I can never find gloves that are catered to women.

    Hi Cindy,

    Sorrry to say that we only have the one size at this time. 

  • How much is shipping cost??

    Hi Robert,

    We charge a flate rate of $6.00 within the Continental US on orders under $45.00. The shipping is free for anything over. 

  • Are the gloves reversible (can be worn on either hand). If so this would make them that more useful for those of us that would only use one glove at a time for some uses.

    Hi Graig,

    Yes you can wear them on either hand. 

  • Can you use these gloves to shred hot meat or is the cotton fabric going to put little pieces of cotton into the meat?

    Hi Dan,

    Yes you can use these while shreading meat as lond as you do not get them wet. 

  • Is the quoted price for a pair (2) gloves?

    Hi Don, Yes it is for a pair.

    David Johnson
    Grill BEAST

  • Your thoughts on using them to pull chicken halves of a large grill? I've tried several other types of "hot gloves", they last for 1-2 racks tops before getting hot. I only do this much once a year, about 600 halves

    Hi John,

    You should be just fine as long as you don't get them wet. 

  • What's the price

    $29.97 for the gloves.

  • I left my gloves out in the sun. The black parts turned green. Having no issues with heat getting to the hands at this point. Is this normal? Thanks DJ


    It just the cloth material fading from the sunlight. They shouild be just fine. It you do have any issues contact me at support. 

    Pat Johnson
    Grill Beast Support